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VoyageChicago: Meet Svetlana Baklanova of Practice HORA USA in Wilmette

Svetlana, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

I started attending Practice HORA classes reluctantly in the summer of 2004 after my close friends had been telling me about this practice for nearly 6 years, in St. Petersburg, Russia. My attitude was like, “I live in the USA. What kind of wellness meditative system can I discover in Russia.” My spouse learned about this practice while on his trip in Russia with his MBA program by watching old martial arts video related to the practice. So, between my friends and my spouse’s feedback, I decided to try it.

My first reaction after the first exercise was “Wow… I just did this simple physical exercise and it cleared out my head. My usually continuous cycle of thought just stopped. I mean really stopped…” This was the first time I felt calmness while I was active and it stayed with me through the day. I did not need to try to induce relaxation through gym exhaustion, a few drinks, or closed-eye meditation attempts. So, it got me intrigued and I came back for my second practice. I had tried regular yoga, gym, running, acupuncture etc., but nothing was so effective on me, the skeptical westerner, with little time, plenty of ambitions and a young child.

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