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Chicago Tribune: Wilmette Entrepreneurs Open New Practice HORA® Training Center in Wilmette, IL: Training Radically Improves Physical and Intellectual Strength, Endurance, and Well-Being

Wilmette residents Svetlana Baklanova and Yevgeny Frolov will have the Grand Opening of their new Practice HORA® Training Center on Wednesday, October 26 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The studio is located at 3520 Lake St. Suite 101 in Wilmette, IL 60091. The Grand Opening will feature demonstrations by current students and the opportunity to learn how Practice HORA® can teach one to use inner attention to improve physical/emotional health and inner resource management and how it provides a different path for self-development.

Ms. Baklanova and Mr. Frolov have studied, practiced, and led HORA® training for over a decade. During this time, the married couple has seen dramatic results personally and in others. "We are leading you to train your inner attention throughout your body in such a way that you see and process things more effectively," says Mr. Frolov.

Ms. Baklanova says, "Once your inner attention gets connected with your body and your own individual rhythm of breathing is awakened, you can perform better in sports, at work, at home, everywhere." She adds, "You will feel better after doing the exercises, but our goal is for you to feel and perform better during your work and home activities in everyday life."

"I can confidently say that today I am a better teacher because of Practice HORA®," says Eleanor Nayvelt, a Middle School Teacher in Chicago, IL. "My creativity has been unleashed. Most importantly, I am able to pass along to my students the value of concentration."

"It helps me in school," says Evan, a 14 year-old boy who has been practicing HORA® with Svetlana and Yevgeny for several years. "I used to be lazy and not able to do homework well, but now it just gets done…. If someone hurts my feelings, I know how to keep it from overwhelming me."

"This is the most alive I have ever felt," states Anzhelika Shatrov, a local businesswoman. "I've tried many different physical practices and HORA® is the first one that has made a real difference…. Professionally, I'm in a high-stress, fast-paced environment. I don't feel the stress internally anymore.…I feel unstoppable, like a teenager."

"I haven't been sick since I started practicing HORA® 5 years ago," says another student, Luda Boyce.

Svetlana and Yevgeny are leaders that are dedicated to high-quality results for HORA® students, helping them feel benefits quickly and easily. "Each student has his or her own life path and our training method develops different types of inner connections with the mind, body, and nervous system to achieve these goals," says Yevgeny.

Practice HORA® is a science-based training program designed to develop physical and intellectual inner strength, endurance, and the ability to be calm during activity. Classes and personal training are available for Adults and Teens. The new Wilmette studio will officially open Wednesday, October 26 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

For more information about Practice HORA®, please contact Svetlana Baklanova at;or call her at 704-737-5353.

For information about class and training hours, please visit:

The Practice HORA® Training Studio is located at 3520 Lake St. Suite 101 in Wilmette, IL 60091.

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